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Barcelos is a Portuguese town Braga District, North and Cávado subregion, with about 20,625 inhabitants. (2010 data).

  Area: 378,70 km²
   Population:124 555 hab. (2008)
   Population Ddensity: 329 hab./km²
   N.º of parishes: 89
   Foundation of the municipality (or  charter): 1140
   Region (NUTS II) : Nort
   Sub-region (NUTS III) :   Cávado
   District: Braga
    Former province: Minho
    Patron, Lord of the Cross
    Municipal holiday: May 3



Barcelos is the seat of a municipality with 378.70 km ² and 124,555 inhabitants (2008), subdivided into 89 districts (of the county with the largest number of parishes throughout the country). The city is bordered to the north by the municipalities of Viana do Castelo and Ponte de Lima, on the east by Braga and Vila Verde, southeast of Vila Verde, southwest by Povoa de Varzim and west by Esposende.

The highest point of the county lies on top of S. Goncalo, at 488 meters altitude, in the parish of Fragoso.

The municipality of Barcelos received charter of D. Afonso Henriques in 1140. The increase in the city of Barcelos was made by decree on September 6, 1928.

Administratively, the municipality of Barcelos, Braga is in the district. It is one of twenty-three municipalities in Portugal with more than 100 000 inhabitants. It is bordered to the north of Viana do Castelo and Ponte de Lima, on the east by Braga and Vila Verde, southeast of Vila Verde, southwest by Povoa de Varzim and west by Esposende.

Barcelos has three protocols twinning

  1. França Vierzon, FrançaEspanha
  2.  Pontevedra, Espanha
  3. Cabo Verde São Domingos, Cabo Verde

Parishes of Barcelos

The municipality of Barcelos is divided into 89 parishes, and the Portuguese municipality with the largest number of parishes. Of these parishes, 32 are predominantly urban, 53 are moderately urban and 4 are predominantly rural.

Legends and Traditions

· Legend of alcaide de Faria

· Legend of Areal de Caíde

· Legend of Barbadão

· Legend of Cobras Mouras*Lenda da Ponte

· Legend of Frade e do Passarinho

· Legend of Galo de Barcelos

· Legend of Milagre das Cruzes

· Legend of Penedo do Ladrão

· Legend "Os Principais de Vilar de Figos"



· Arciprestal Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary Hill Franqueira

·  Festival of the Crosses - Each year between 1 and May 3

· Procession of Our Lord


· Art&Tur - International Film Festival Tourism

· Barcelos for Music

· Cellos Rock - local, Barragem Penide - Areias S. Vicente - Barcelos

· Fair of Associations of Barcelos Fair of book of Barcelos

· National Festival of Rock Music - Milhões de Festa

· 5 Peaks Mountain Bike Marathon - Organised by the Friends of the Mountain

·  Youth Art Show

· Craft Show

· Exhibition of Biological Products

· Exhibition of Youth Associations

· Rally of Barcelos

· Subscuta

· Music Festival Rock and Hip-Hop - Gallus Sonorus Musicallis - Santa Maria Gallegos

· Festival of Barcelos

· Grand Prix Athletics Silva

 List of built heritage in Barcelos

· Monument of castrejo Gallegos (Santa Maria)

· Monument furnace of Mount Skirt - Carvalhas

· Slab of the signs - Carvalhas

Religious architecture

· Church Matriz of Barcelos

· Temple of Bom Jesus da Cruz

· Church of St. Mary Abbot of Neiva

· Tower Manhente

· Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

·Church of the Friars Vilar - Areias de Vilar

· Church of the Abbot of Neiva - Neiva Abbot

· Church and Tower Manhente

Civil architecture

· Theatre Gil Vicente

· Ceramics Museum

· Bridge of Barcelos

· Eiffel Bridge

· Bridge (S. Eugenia)

· Bridge (Village Frescaínha)

· Bridge (Crib-Sands)

· Bridge (A3-Crib-Sands)

· Solar dos Pinheiros

· House of St. Anthony of Vessadas - Barcelinhos

Military architecture

· Castle Faria

· Palace of the Counts of Barcelos

· Bridge of Barcelos

· Pillory of Barcelos

· Top of the Tower Village

· Tower Aborim


· Municipal Art Gallery

· Archaeological Museum of Barcelos (Ruins of the Palace)

· Pottery Museum (House of Medanhas)

· Ethnographic Museum of cliché - cliché

· Regional and Ethnographic Museum of Alvito S. Peter

· Craft Centre Barcelos - New Gate Tower


· Municipal Archive (Casa Conde Vilas Boas)

· Library of Barcelos (House of Machado da Maia)

· Libraries of school groups

Theaters and conference

· Municipal Library Auditorium

· Town Hall Auditorium

· Forum S. Benedict Menni

· Theatre Gil Vicente (closed, under renovation)

Sport facilities

· New Stadium Adelino Ribeiro

· Stadium Devesa - Gallegos (Santa Maria)

· Stadium City of Barcelos

· Hall of Barcelos

· Swimming Pools Barcelos


·         A Voz do Minho

·         Barcelos Popular

·         Cávado Jornal

·         Jornal de Barcelos


·         Radio Barcelos em 91.9FM

·         Radio Cávado em 102.4FM


Urban spaces

Squares, gardens and squares

· Mall of the Baroque

· Liberty Avenue

· Field October 5

· Baroque gardens

· Old Garden

· Support the Largo

· New Port Largo

· City Park

· Pontevedra Square

Statues and memorials

· Statue of D. Antonio Barroso

· Statue of Mayors de Faria

· Volunteer Firefighter Statue

· Statue of Primary Teacher

· Statue of Francisco Sá Carneiro

· Statue of John Duarte


· Railways

· Express Bus


List schools in Barcelos

In higher education the city has a Polytechnic, the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, three schools dedicated to secondary education, eight Primary Schools, 97 Schools of the 1st cycle and 78 institutions dedicated to teaching preschool.



In terms of health the county is served by one district hospital, the Hospital of Santa Maria Maior.

Participate in national championships

· Gil Vicente FC

· Óquei Club Barcelos

· Basketball Club Barcelos

· St Mary Football Club

· Football Club "The Potters"

Nucleo Sports · "The Swallows"

· Sports Association of Barcelos (ADB) - Country


· Consumers' Association of Portugal - ACOP -

· Recreation and Cultural Association Arcozelo - ARCA -

· Lions Club of Barcelos

· Table Tennis Association of Braga - São Pedro Alvito

· Friends of Nature - Association for Environmental Defense Creixomil

· Association of the Music Academy of Barcelos

· Barcelense Association of Underwater Activities - ABAS -

· Association Motorcycle Club Roosters

· Grupo Motard Vale d'Este

· Skating Association of Minho

· Portuguese Association of Amyloidosis

· Commercial and Industrial Association of Barcelos

· Association of Physically Disabled of Barcelos

· Football Association of People Barcelos

· Mountaineering Association of Barcelinhos - Friends of the Mountain

· Parents and Friends of Handicapped Children - APACI -

· Association in Rock Dam Association Dam on the Rock

· Association Syllable

· Musical Banda de Oliveira

· Volunteer Fire in Barcelos

· Volunteer Firefighters Barcelinhos

· Volunteer Firefighters Viatodos

· Core Red Cross Aldreu

· Center of the Red Cross Field

· Cycling Centre of Barcelos

· Centro Cultural de Barcelos

· Catholic Workers' Circle of Barcelos

· Camping and Caravanning Club de Barcelos

· Motor Club of Barcelos

· Association Motorcycle Club Roosters of Barcelos

· Rotary Club of Barcelos

· Santa Casa da Misericordia de Barcelos

· Pigeon Society Barcelense

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