Restaurante Terraço dos Petiscos - Barcelos

  41º33,1158  Norte
     8º37,5684  Oeste

   Restaurante Terraço dos Petiscos, Lda, oppened in Barcelos, in 2009, by its managing partner José Fernandes. It has all-new facilities and is located on Vila Boa, Barcelos, near the Stadium of Barcelos, "home" of Gil Vicente Football Club. Its clientele is mostly from Barcelos, but with the release of the restaurant and delicious snacks that manufactures, has expanded its fame to surrounding cities such as Esposende, Braga, Viana do Castelo, Porto, among others, being a example among gastronomic restaurants with the flavors of the Minho region. Today the restaurant terrace of Tidbits is intended as a reference point for the traveler who passes in Barcelos and would like to try dishes from Minho and know the pleasure of a big meal with generous portions in a cozy restaurant.

  Of the signature dishes include the octopus, the steak on garlic and  ribs, which may be accompanied by one of the many wines we put at your disposal or just for a beer or soda.

  In addition to the restaurant we have shed Take Away , selling out our own specialty packaging for the purpose. For more information you may contact by phone or e-mail.

  We hope to have whetted your appetite and curiosity and will soon give us the pleasure of your visit.  If searching for restaurants in Barcelos look no further!

  Thank you for visiting our site and visit the restaurant as well. Terraço dos Petiscos - waits for you!


Accessibility for people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs Accessibility for people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs.

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